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IMG 9887
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their case made his plan ineffective.

The Senate rejected similar plans Feinstein and Cornyn proposed last December, a day after an attack in San Bernardino, California,cheap jordans, killed 14 people.

Murphy's rejected proposal would widely expand the requirement for background checks,air jordans for cheap, even to many private gun transactions, leaving few loopholes.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, defeated plan increased money for the background check system. Like Murphy's measure,cheap jordans free shipping, it prodded states to send more records to the FBI, which operates the background check system, of felons and others barred from buying guns.

Grassley's proposal also revamped language prohibiting some people with mental health issues from buying a gun. Democrats claimed that language would roll back current protections.

Monday's votes were 53-47 for Grassley's plan, 44-56 for Murphy's, 53-47 for Cornyn's and 47-53 for Feinstein's ? all short of the 60 needed.

Separately, Collins was laboring to fashion a bipartisan bill that would prevent people on the no-fly list ? with just 81,000

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