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– Attending doctors were not qualified for role playedAn Expert Committee that was tasked with investigating the June 4 maternal death of 28-year-old Luan Rodney at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) has determined that there was negligence and poor management on the part of both doctors and nurses who attended to the woman.Dead: Luan RodneyThis disclosure was made by Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shamdeo Persaud, under whose purview the investigation was conducted.Rodney, who was reportedly overdue, was admitted to the hospital one day earlier to deliver her second child but died as a result of a ruptured uterus, resulting in hypovolemic shock.The life-threatening condition, according to medical experts, is created when an individual loses more than 20 per cent of the body?s blood supply. This severe blood loss makes it impossible for the heart to pump sufficient blood throughout the body, thereby causing many organs to fail if immediate emergency medication attention is not engaged.The baby was delivered stillborn because of the excessive bleeding and because doctors reported that she hadn?t sufficient passage.This publication was informed that although the woman was administered medication to induce labour, she was not closely monitored, even after a nurse was alerted to the fact that she was in labour.  A nearby patient revealed that it was not until she observed Rodney bleeding and alerted the ward nurse that action was taken.Doctors of the public hospital had met with the dead woman?s husband, Nigel Rodney, who related that medical officials informed that it was after the nurses had found that his wife wasn?t doing too well in the ward that a decision was made to take her to the delivery room. It was after doing this that a call was placed to a doctor to come and attend to the patient. The doctor, the man said, explained to him that he examined the patient,Cheap NHL Adidas Jerseys, at which point he observed that she was bleeding.The doctor further expounded that once such a patient is found to be bleeding, be it due to a ruptured uterus or the passing of the placenta before the delivery of the baby, it requires emergency surgery.  As such, he said that immediate moves were made to rush the woman to the operating theatre.Nigel Rodney said that he was told that his wife was losing a great deal of blood and therefore required a blood transfusion. The man said, too, that he was told that his wife was unconscious throughout the entire process and never regained consciousness. The doctors were however unable to confirm reports that the now dead woman was bleeding ahead of being rushed to the delivery room.This publication was informed, too, that the woman was administered Cytotec, which is known to cause complications ranging from uterine rupture to amniotic fluid embolism. However, the labour-inducing medication is still very much approved by many health sectors.Dr Shamdeo PersaudAccording to Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, during an interview with this newspaper, although the drug is a legitimate one, it is imperative that patients to whom it is administered are closely monitored.?Cytotec is a good drug to induce labour?it is in protocol now, and it is one that is being used more and more for such activities?but once you induce labour,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, by whatever method, patients must be monitored.?And although two doctors and two nurses were sent on administrative leave by the public hospital pending the outcome of an ensuing investigation, there are additional measures that are expected to be implemented within three months of the completion date of the investigation.Moreover,China NFL Jerseys, Dr. Persaud insisted that the recommendations from the Committee include that the findings of the investigation be reviewed and appropriate action be taken by both the Medical and Nursing Councils. But according to the CMO, ?the Committee is very careful not to tell the Councils what to do.?Dr. Persaud disclosed that it has been recommended that the doctors involved be sent on academic probation, which means they must complete three months for the deficiencies that were recognised in their performance.  The recommended probation commenced on June 24 and will culminate on September 24. They will also be required to undergo training in Basic Life Support and Advance Cardiac Life Support, which according to Dr. Persaud,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, will be useful in cases where patients suffer complications. All training, he disclosed, will be conducted at the GPHC.And although both sets of culpable practitioners could see their operations being censored, Dr. Persaud said any disciplinary action is likely to take into consideration the fact that the two implicated doctors were not trained obstetricians.  They have since been enrolled in a post-graduate training programme,China Jerseys Free Shipping, but according to Dr Persaud, ?we do hope that they can be further tutored in the areas in which they were identified not to respond effectively in the management of the patient.??They could probably be censored in some way, regardless of what is said, once an issue like this goes to the Council it will always matter, because if they seek a certificate it could be revealed that they were investigated and found to be negligent or they had a malpractice or something,? Dr. Persaud explained.Doctors, according to him, could fall under different categories of licences, including internship licence,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, an institutional category where a practitioner is able to work under supervision and then there is the full licence where practitioners can either operate in the public or private sphere independently.Under the full licence category, doctors can gain specialised qualifications,nba jerseys discount, whereby that practitioner can be designated a paediatrician or obstetrician or any specialist area. At any time,Wholesale Jerseys Online, the Council could move practitioners from one category to another, Dr Persaud said.Nurses could also have full licence (as Registered Nurses) and it is possible for the Nursing Council to censure them by putting them on a suspended or temporary licence,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, which is a licence that requires the nurse to operate under supervision. With this licence, the nurse is mandated to report to someone to see that their work is being supervised.?We can do that at the Medical Council, too, where we can put them back on an institutional licence and then recommend that they be placed under supervision for varying periods from six months up to 18 months,? Dr. Persaud said.
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